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Propane Safety for You:

Propane Gas Safety – What You and Your Family Need to Know 
This six page color brochure outlines residential propane safety.


The Better Way to Go – Handling Propane in the Home and on the Road
A comprehensive eleven page booklet for families, outlining safety on use, handling and storage of propane.

Safety Tips – Propane Systems on Campers and Recreational Vehicles
A fourteen page illustrated booklet for owners of Campers and RV’s.

Transporting Propane Cylinders 
This two page booklet is a must read for anyone transporting propane cylinders. 

Carbon Monoxide Safety
This six page color brochure provides general carbon monoxide information.

Propane Barbecue Basics
A one page poster reviewing maintenance and care procedures for propane barbecues.

RV Propane Safety
A concise two page flyer outlining safety basics for RV owners.

MSDS Sheet for Propane


Apollo Propane management and staff are committed to maintaining the highest level of safety standards through continuous training, retraining, orientation, evaluation, and skills upgrading.  Our fleet of vehicles, including Delivery Trucks, Crane Trucks, and Sales & Service Vehicles, has the most up-to-date technology.
Apollo Propane Emergency Response Team:

• Constantly available through a 24 hour activation telephone number 780-448-1671

• Hands on experience performing remediation procedures

Apollo Propane is registered with the following safety monitoring service:

Propane Gas Association of Canada